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This is a list of the most frequently asked questions we have received from our guests over the past few years. The answers are provided below. If they do not remove all your doubts, please contact us personally.

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CROWONDER is the name of a tourist agency registered in Croatia that offers a proven accommodation base in this beautiful Adriatic country. Our offer includes apartments, villas with pools, villas with jacuzzi, houses on the first line in Croatia. We specialize in the sale of accommodation in the region of North Dalmatia, the vicinity of Zadar and the islands of the Zadar archipelago.

All properties on the website are checked by us personally.

Before making a reservation, you will receive a complete set of necessary, reliable information in Polish, confirmed with up-to-date photos of the facility.

Due to the fact that we have been living permanently in Croatia for almost 15 years and we know the Croatian language well, we are able to help at every stage of spending a holiday on the Adriatic (also in random or unforeseen problems) and undertaking an investment - purchase, construction, adaptation of a house or apartment in Croatia.


Select the property you are interested in on our website.

You can use the search engine, in which you enter the date of stay and the number of people. The search can be extended with additional parameters by clicking on the text ADVANCED SEARCH. Mark the items you are interested in and press APPLY FILTERS. Then click SEARCH.

You will receive a list of facilities that meet your requirements. Select SEE DETAILS to enter the subpage of a specific accommodation unit.

There is a price list on the subpage of each property, under the description and photos.

Information on the amount of the security deposit is marked under the price tag. The deposit is paid on the spot, on the day of arrival and will be refunded in full on the day of departure, provided that the accommodation is delivered in the same condition as of the accommodation (no damage, etc.).

On the right is the Booking Form.

Please select your arrival date and departure date on the Booking Form. The date of stay will be marked on the calendar and underneath you will see a message about the number of booked nights and the amount to be paid for the entire stay.

If everything is correct, press the BOOK NOW button (for accommodation units available for immediate booking) or SEND THE INQUIRY (if you need additional confirmation of a free date from our side).

When we receive your message, we will send you an email with the OFFER. When you open the document, you will find all the most important data in it:

  • the name of the selected object
  • the date of the inquiry
  • date and time until which the offer is valid (valid until)
  • arrival and departure dates, number of nights
  • number of guests
  • total price
  • the amount of the advance payment and by when it should be paid
  • balance payment, which must be paid one month before arrival

The next part of the Offer contains all the information necessary to make an advance payment by credit card or bank transfer.

Finally, have a look at the top menu in the Offer. In the upper left corner you will find the USER PORTAL banner. After clicking, you can go to your personal User Panel, where you will find detailed information about the rented property, booking details, amounts due and exact payment dates, as well as additional details to our company representative who can provide you with information regarding your booking.

Please remember that the only and final confirmation of the reservation is the advance payment on the date specified in your Offer.

If you have any problems with the payment or additional questions please contact us before the deadline for the payment of the advance.

The reservation is automatically canceled upon the expiry of the advance payment deadline.

When we receive information about the advance payment, we send you a Voucher, which is a document confirming the reservation. The Voucher is also redirected to the User Panel, where you will find all the necessary information regarding your booking.


In the event of unforeseen situations affecting your planned vacation, you can contact us directly. We always try to approach the matter individually and find a solution that will be beneficial for all parties.

Cancellation of a booking for reasons related to Covid

You will receive a full refund if:

  • You decide to cancel up to 30 days in advance of your holiday start date where the official decision of your country of residence (ministry) forbids "all but essential travel” to Croatia.
  • You decide to cancel up to 30 days in advance of your holiday start date in the event of border closures or flights being suspended.

If due to the above-mentioned restrictions or travel bans, you have to cancel your arrival less than 30 days (29 days or less) before the start date of your holiday, the Crowonder travel agency will keep all payments you made towards the reservation and issue you with a credit coupon (Voucher). The voucher is valid for 18 months from the date of issue, during which you can use the document to make a reservation again at the same property. New accommodation must be in the same or higher (at an additional charge) price level.

If a guest gets sick with Covid during a time that prevents him or her from recovering by the day of arrival marked as the beginning of the reservation, Crowonder will keep all payments made by the guest towards the reservation. A credit coupon (Voucher) will be issued to the customer. It is valid for 18 months from the date of issue and during this time can be used to make a re-booking at the same property. New accommodation must be in the same or higher (at an additional charge) price level.

Almost all of our properties have a full refund in case of cancellation up to 30 days before arrival for the reasons listed in points 1 and 2. In individual objects, the owners did not agree to such conditions. Crowonder will inform about this fact the customer who intends to book a stay at such property.

Cancellation of the booking for other reasons

If you cancel your booking up to 30 days before the holiday start date

- without giving any reason, or

- for a reason other than those mentioned in items 1 and 2.

The Crowonder Tourist Agency will keep payment of 30% of the booking value (the amount of the advance payment). If, in addition to the advance payment, you have made further payments towards the reservation, they will be refunded.

It is not possible to cancel the reservation with a refund of the money paid in less than 29 days before the planned date of arrival. During this period, only the possibility of changing the reservation is allowed, however, the change of reservation will be accepted only if it is possible to implement.

Change of booking

Modification of the booking made up to 30 days before the scheduled arrival date to a booking of the same or higher value - only the price difference will be charged.

Changing the reservation made up to 30 days before the planned date of arrival to a reservation of a lower value - the excess will be refunded.

Change of booking made from 29 to 7 days before the planned date of arrival to a reservation of the same or higher value - only the price difference will be charged.

Changing the reservation made from 29 to 7 days before the planned date of arrival to a reservation with a lower value - it is not possible to refund the excess.

It is not possible to change the reservation up to 6 days before the planned date of arrival.

Each change of booking must be confirmed by our Agency in writing.

For each cancellation or change of reservation, the Customer is obliged to report to the Crowonder Tourist Agency in writing by post or by e-mail to info@crowonder.com.


On page 👉 "Croatia full of life" 👈, in the Practical Information section, you will find answers to all the questions that bother travelers before going to Croatia. They are updated on the website. 

The website provides information on:

  • the possibility of crossing the border and the conditions of entry into the territory of Croatia
  • the necessary and recognized coronavirus tests and their validity period
  • Enter Croatia form and where it can be completed
  • current epidemiological guidelines, applicable restrictions, restrictions and recommendations
  • the current number of people infected with Coronavirus in Croatia - map divided into regions
  • functioning of international and domestic air connections
  • the functioning of public transport
  • How to proceed in the event of contracting a Coronavirus during your stay in Croatia
  • the method of covering the costs of treatment in the event of illness (EHIC card!)
  • on the opening or limitations in the operation of accommodation, catering, cultural, recreational, entertainment facilities, etc.

The up-to-date information you can also get at the Embassy of your home country in Croatia.

In case of any doubts regarding the possibility of traveling, please contact our office in Zadar in good time before departure: info@crowonder.com.